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                Cyber Security is the modern-day most famous word phrase in the digital environment. In 1943, the first digital computer was invented. And the concept of technology in the digital was born. It enhanced with the networking technologies are adopted. In the 1960s’ the invention of ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network), given a boost on the internet. But literarily 1st of January 1983 is considered as the birth of the modern-day internet. And the communication protocol TCP/IP was born. At year 1989, British scientist, Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web – WWW as we can see in every corner of the world now.

By the time, the world changed into fully dependent on the internet and interconnected from country to country, organization to organization, and the world become one large network. Credit card payments, online data stores, cloud base technologies, even digital currencies also made the whole digital world highly complex but vulnerable for most of the security issues. Educated hacking, online hijacking, data-stealing become a serious threat for the modern world, so the whole new area of study comes to the rescue, and called “Cyber Security”

As of “Security Institute,” we provide lots of many services on Cyber Security. Cyber Security Expert, Bill Alderson makes hand pics and major important and carefully analyzed information. And this Cyber Security News is another supportive service design for the people who are interested in learning cyber security. And also, people who search for the latest updates, trends on cyber security.

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